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Crossroads led transforms street lighting with its revolutionary dark sky compliant astrophile roadway lighting system

Owasso, OK (June 9, 2020) – “I was honestly blown away by how much I like this new LED street light technology. It has improved my family’s quality of life.” That’s what Flagstaff, Arizona resident, Michael Finney, said about the new Crossroads LED street light that was recently installed by his home. “I sleep significantly […]

What is light pollution?

Light pollution is the introduction of artificial light into the night sky. Artificial lighting is the primary cause of sky glow, obscuring the stars and creating perpetual twilight. Light pollution contributes to light trespass issues on public and private properties. Today, 80% of the US population cannot see the Milky Way.

Low Pressure Sodium (LPS) fixtures were an excellent choice for cities that require Dark Sky compliant lighting as well as astronomical observatories and environmentally sensitive areas.

Crossroads LED releases a 12,000-lm retrofit LED luminaire for PAR and ellipsoidal stage and theatre fixtures

CROSSROADS LED has released the latest generation of its patented and award-winning 130-watt “RT-ES4” LED retrofit luminaire. First released in 2013, the new retrofit luminaire for PAR and Ellipsoidal fixtures has an optical output of over 12,000 lumens and is capable of converting any 575W incandescent fixture to LED technology.

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