Industrial, Commercial and Architectural Lighting

The patented CROSSROADS LED™ Commercial and Industrial retrofit luminaires are designed for high output exterior and interior illumination.

Utilizing the latest in compact high flux, multi-watt LED technology, the CROSSROADS LED™ Commercial and Industrial retrofit luminaires are ideally suited for retrofitting existing recessed can lights as well as other conventional light sources. With a light output exceeding the original incandescent or fluorescent lighting technology and a demonstrated energy savings of over 70%, the retrofit kits are practical and logical solution to reducing your maintenance and energy cost while increasing your bottom line.


  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Architectural


  • Retrofits
  • Recessed Lights
  • Hall Lights
  • Walkways

Additional Information


Economical and aesthetically pleasing designs
High luminous output, 2000 to 6500 lumens ( 100lm/w plus)
Interchangeable lenses and reflectors offer superior beam control.
Available in white, neutral white, and warm white color temperature
Other fixture retrofits available. Call for details.
Years of trouble-free operation


120 to 277VAC
20 to 65 watts
Extra wide 120-degree LED beam angle
0 to 100% dimmable solutions available.
100,000 hr. service life

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