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Crossroads LED Announces Its Latest 18,000 Lumen Retrofit Luminaire for PAR and Ellipsoidal Stage and Theatre Fixtures

CROSSROADS LED, has released the latest generation of its patented and award-winning 120-watt “RT-ES4” LED retrofit luminaire.  First released in 2013, the new retrofit luminaire, with increased performance and efficacy for PAR and Ellipsoidal fixtures, has an optical output of over 18,000 lumens and is capable of converting any 575W incandescent fixture to LED technology.

Crossroads LED Selected for City-Wide LED Acorn Retrofit Project

CROSSROADS LED has announced that after a year-long evaluation, involving no less than eight LED lighting products and distribution companies, the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma has selected Crossroads LED to provide their proprietary LED acorn retrofit luminaires for a city-wide project that will convert all acorn style metal halide fixtures to LED technology.

Tulsa Performing Arts Center pioneers LED lighting for theaters with the assistance of Crossroads LED

When Pat Sharp started looking for a lighting system that would be energy efficient and practical for a theater, prospects were dim. Sharp, the technical and operations director for Tulsa Performing Arts Center, began his lighting project more than two years ago.

Crossroads LED new RT -ES4 retrofit LED luminaire receives coveted brass ring award at the 2012 IAAPA Expo

Recognized as a major advance in LED lighting technology for the amusement and entertainment industries, the new Crossroads LED RT-ES4 retrofit luminaire was awarded a coveted Brass Ring Award for Best New Product at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo in Orlando, Florida. The award recognizes new products and technologies developed […]

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