Astrophile Series
Narrow Band Amber Street Lights

Astrophile means “lover of the stars”, and our dark sky compliant product line helps communities once again see the stars and heavens as they were meant to be seen.

The Astrophile Series of dark sky compliant Narrow Band Amber (NBA) LED fixtures utilize the latest in LED technology to completely eliminate short wavelength blue light which has been identified as a major contributor of sky glow and light pollution. 

The Astrophile Series incorporates advanced NBA LED technology that has been electronically adjusted to emit a narrow band of amber light at a specific wavelength. 

The Astrophile Series is the perfect solution for cities, utilities, historic districts, campuses and parks.

Certified Dark Sky Friendly by the international Dark-Sky Association


  • Cities and municipalities
  • Arterial roadways
  • City parks
  • Pathways and trails

Additional Information


Modular and flexible design is future-proof. All components, including LED modules and power supplies are both field replaceable and upgradable.
Fully integrated and adjustable internal house side shielding completely eliminates light trespass issues.
Fully Recessed LED modules eliminate up-light and glare.
Proprietary, advanced two-stage thermal management system ensures low LED die temperatures
Low LED die temperature guarantees years of reliability and long life
Standard 7 pin ANSI photo cell socket is compatible with all electronic lighting controls
Simple and easy to install
YEARS of trouble-free operation
Patented, proven and reliable technology (US Patent number: 9,964,288)


Adjustable from 45 to 100 watts
Available in peak dominant wavelengths of 589nm, 592nm, and 595nm
Modular and flexible design is future-proof
Adjustable lumen output from 2000 to 8000 lumens
Fully integrated and adjustable internal house side shielding
Type I, II, III, IV and V distribution patterns

Narrow Band Amber Street Lights - Crossroads LED Presentation


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