Why Retrofit?

CROSSROADS LED recognized early on that most LED lighting providers required consumers to completely eliminate their lighting infrastructure investment of fixtures and housings in order to take advantage of LED technology.  This was especially problematic for facilities that had interior fixtures that could not be removed or replaced or for municipalities that did not want to completely abandon their historic, decorative or contemporary outdoor pedestrian and roadway fixtures simply to move toward the more energy efficient LED platform.  So CROSSROADS LED invested in the development of a number of retrofit solutions that would convert an existing incandescent, fluorescent, high pressure sodium and metal halide platforms to LED without the expense associated with completely new housings. 

Easy to Install

When compared to removing the existing incandescent, fluorescent or HID fixture and replacing it with a new LED fixture, retrofit luminaires offer a simple and turnkey solution as the existing fixtures do not have to be modified or removed.

Superior Heat Management

Manufacturers have been aware for some time the excess heat generated by edison based, screw in bulbs ceiling will reduce the LED bulb’s rated life. Depending on how the LED screw in bulb manages heat, the high temperatures trapped in the housing will damage and destroy the bulb. In contrast, CROSSROADS LED retrofit luminaires are designed with proprietary advanced heat management systems that allows the higher temperatures trapped in the housings to have no effect on their the rated lives of the luminaire.

Aesthetically Pleasing

LED retrofit luminaires are available in a variety of low-profile and decorative options designed to complement the existing housing while reducing the energy and maintenance costs.

Cost Effective Solutions

For many installations, retrofitting is an affordable and economical solution that requires the lowest upfront costs while maximizing energy savings and eliminating the man hours once required to maintain the original lighting platform.

Proven Reliability

Crossroads LED retrofit luminaires have a proven track record of superior performance and outstanding reliability. Customers have utilized our retrofit luminaires for over five years without a single failure.

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