Prestige Series
Retrofit Luminaires for Decorative and Bell Shaped Fixtures

American-made, drop-in replacement retrofit luminaires designed specifically for all decorative and bell-shaped fixtures

The PRESTIGE Series decorative and bell shaped retrofit kit by Crossroads LED allows for a quick and easy conversion of your existing HID fixtures to an LED platform.

Interchangeable adapter plates are designed to accommodate all types and styles of luminaires while preserving the optics and aesthetic features of the existing fixture. 

The PRESTIGE Series is the perfect solution for cities, utilities, historic districts, campuses and parks that are seeking an economical solution for their LED lighting needs.


  • Cities and municipalities
  • Historic Districts
  • Campuses
  • Parks

Additional Information


Transforms existing decorative and bell-shaped fixtures to LED technology
Twice the lumen output of other similar products
1/2 to 1/3 the cost of new LED acorn fixtures
Low LED die temperature guarantees years of reliability and long life
Compatible with flat, sag, and tear drop globes
Optical characteristics of the fixtures are maintained
Eliminates the expensive maintenance cycle required to replace HID lamps and ballasts
Compatible with all electronic lighting controls
Simple and easy to install
YEARS of trouble-free operation
Patented, proven and reliable technology (US Patent number: 9,964,288)


60, through 110 watt versions available
Adjustable lumen output from 7800 to 15,000 lumens
Available in color temperatures from 2000K to 5000K
Type II, III, IV and V distribution patterns

Retrofit Luminaires for Decorative and Bell Shaped Fixtures - Crossroads LED Presentation


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