Crossroads led transforms street lighting with its revolutionary dark sky compliant astrophile roadway lighting system

An Astrophile Series at dusk

Owasso, OK (June 9, 2020) – “I was honestly blown away by how much I like this new LED street light technology. It has improved my family’s quality of life.”

That’s what Flagstaff, Arizona resident, Michael Finney, said about the new Crossroads LED street light that was recently installed by his home. “I sleep significantly better at night. My bedroom is in the front corner of the house and I was not sleeping well because of the old street light shining into my bedroom. But with the new street light, my sleep has noticeably improved now that my room isn’t flooded with light.”

What Michael is referring to is the new “Astrophile Series” family of LED street lights by Crossroads LED. It is one of the first LED roadway fixtures designed exclusively for dark sky roadway lighting applications and incorporates several new and advanced features, such as their proprietary internally-mounted and fully-adjustable house side shields that prevent the “Astrophile” family of street lights from inadvertently illuminating private property and home owners’ windows.

“Today, because of light pollution, one-third of the world and 80 percent of all Americans cannot see the Milky Way,” stated Dana Stefanoff, President at Crossroads LED. “And street lights are the primary cause of sky glow which obscures the stars and creates perpetual twilight.” To solve these issues, Crossroads LED took their patented modular LED system and added deeply recessed next generation low kelvin LEDs within the housing, thus eradicating sky glow and glare.

Due to the confusion within the lighting industry as to what constitutes a “dark sky compliant” fixture, the IDA developed the rigorous Fixture Seal of Approval (FSA) program to provide objective, third-party certification for LED lighting that ensures all approved fixtures minimize glare, reduce light trespass and eliminate light pollution. Crossroads LED, an innovative worldwide leader in LED lighting technology, has received the coveted Fixture Seal of Approval for their advanced design and utilization of LED’s with a kelvin temperature of 2000K and below.

Pete Strasser, the Technical Director for the International Dark-Sky Association stated, “We welcome Crossroads to our Fixture Seal of Approval program. At present, Crossroads LED is the only participating company offering warm LEDs of 2000K and below. As people experience high brightness, white LEDs, we’re seeing a resurgence in the desire for warm light.”

Designed to reduce light pollution and skyglow, the “Astrophile Series” family of Narrow Band Amber (NBA) and Phosphor Converted Amber (PCA) street lights deliver exceptional performance and reliability. “Our lights have available outputs ranging from 2000 to 18,000+ lumens with color temperatures indistinguishable from LPS and HPS lamps. They meet or exceed all known dark sky specifications for roadway lights. Additionally, what makes the ‘Astrophile Series’ stand out is our patented modular component systems that make all the internal components 100% field replaceable and allow for future technological upgrades without having to purchase a new fixture,” commented Buddy Stefanoff, Vice President of Engineering for Crossroads.

The advanced LED dies, developed in partnership with the worldwide leader in LED technology, Bridgelux, generate extremely low kelvin temperature lighting while providing high performance and energy efficiency. Tim Lester, CEO of Bridgelux remarked, “We congratulate our great partner, Crossroads, on receiving the prestigious IDA seal of approval for its ‘Astrophile Series’ family of LED street lights. Of course, Crossroads has long been known for their great engineering, beautiful fixtures and high quality. The recognition from the IDA is further evidence of their leadership in providing human friendly and environmentally responsible outdoor lighting.”

If you would like to know more about the new “Astrophile Series” family of street light fixtures, go to or email Buddy Stefanoff, Vice President of Engineering:

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