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CROSSROADS LED, located in Owasso, Oklahoma, is a consumer-focused, woman-owned, and innovation-driven company that designs and manufactures leading edge, state-of-the-art LED retrofit luminaires for the commercial and industrial lighting markets. With a constantly expanding product line and patent portfolio, CROSSROADS LED maintains a distinct advantage with luminaires that have the highest in class optical output and efficacy ratings in the market today.


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Building on over 20 years of LED technology experience and expertise

Formed in February 2010 in response to a desire to create a different approach to the lighting industry. We spent considerable time with consumers who were either frustrated with LED performance. We developed technology that has yielded patents in LED luminaire circuit board and product design, LED multicolor controls and power efficiency.


“ … to be a leader in the LED lighting industry by continually exceeding customer expectations with highest quality products and customer service, cutting edge innovation and the values of integrity, honesty and excellence.”


A large factor in our success has been our ability to interpret market demands and create products that meet or exceed the needs of the industry. As CROSSROADS LED continues to grow and expand, we will maintain our focus on being a “next generation” company by researching the market, keeping up with industry trends, updating our product lines, and anticipating the needs of our target consumers.


With the flood of low quality LED lighting alternatives that hit the marketplace early on, CROSSROADS LED faced a lot of mistrust by consumers in the actual performance of LED lighting alternatives due to LED products that did not live up to the expectations. So, while maintaining a technological lead that is 18 to 24 months ahead of the competition, we recognized that what the marketplace needed were educated consumers who would force the lighting industry raise its standards. From that, we developed “LED 101” educational opportunities to help consumers (1) better understand the technology and its true bottom-line effect and (2) better understand the mechanisms available to scrutinize one LED luminaire from another. CROSSROADS LED sees our customers as partners in lighting.

Additionally, we discovered that many of our consumers (especially municipal and commercial) already had an enormous investment in infrastructure in the form of lighting fixtures, housings and equipment. The idea of having to invest in completely new, and expensive, LED lighting fixtures was simply not an option for them. From that, we placed an emphasis upon retrofit luminaires that would take existing lighting housings and convert them to LED technology. This cost efficient alternative opened up opportunities for those facilities that simply could not purchase new fixtures, either for budgetary or aesthetic reasons, yet wanted to benefit from LED’s energy efficiency and cost savings.

Lastly, CROSSROADS LED believed that the best innovation comes from right here at “home.” Too often, in order to cut cost, LED providers rely on overseas manufacturers whose low quality standards are prone to field failures. So we made the intentional decision to manufacture our LED luminaires right here in America where we have better control on quality and reliability.

Dana Stefanoff - Lighting Design and Technical Innovation Award

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