Astrophile Series
Solar Street Light with HESS Storage System

The Crossroads LED Astrophile street light luminaires are a cost efficient LED solution for off grid and grid tied solar street lighting applications.  The fixtures come standard with integrated field adjustable light shields and lumen output designed to eliminate light trespass issues. 

The Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) combines the advantages of lithium-ion batteries and the latest generation in super capacitor technology.  Creating a new battery that has both an instantaneous and high-density storage capability.

Simple and easy to install, the Astrophile luminaires offer an energy and cost saving alternative and are an ideal solution for cities and municipalities who are seeking an economical and cost effective solution to convert their existing roadway and pedestrian lighting infrastructure with the latest generation of LED lighting.

Certified Dark Sky Friendly by the international Dark-Sky Association


  • Cities and municipalities
  • Universities and schools
  • City parks
  • Pathways and trails
  • Utilities and electric cooperatives

Additional Information


160 lumen LED luminaire
35 watts standard output
5600+ lumen optical output
510 watts/hour lithium-ion supercapacitor battery hybrid
Designed for 36 and 48 volt off-grid solar installations
100% compatible with utility, electric cooperative and city-owned daytime solar only installations
Fully compatible with smart lighting controls
UL and ISTMT tested for performance and reliability
Lithium-ion supercapacitor hybrid battery calculated lifecycle of 10 years
Standard 3000k color temperature with options for 1700k, 2200k, 2500k and 2700k
Will fit over all existing mounting tenons
Weight, 24.7 lbs.
5 year full warranty with extended warranties available
Dark Sky Compliant, eliminates up-light, glare and light trespass


L70 Rating

84,000 hours

Ambient Temperature Operating Range

-20 to 60° C (-4 to 140° F) operating range

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