Significantly Better at Night

The first thing I want to mention about the new light is that I sleep significantly better at night. My bedroom is in the front corner of the house. Just behind that large pine tree in the front yard, which you would think might have blocked out more of the old light. I had no idea I was not sleeping well because of the old street light. But my sleep has noticeably improved now that my room isn’t flooded with light.

I think a lot of my experience with the new light has been sort of like that. There are really interesting benefits that have been unexpected. The street traffic for example, has quieted down a bit. People seem to be driving slower, as you would expect in a neighborhood. The old light lit things up like a highway, and people drove like it was a highway. The only explanation I can think of, is that people are behaving according to the more pleasant and reasonable light. The street went back to being a quiet feeling family neighborhood instead of a busy thoroughfare. Feels a bit more like a town again at night instead of a city.

Anyhow, I grew up in that house and with that old streetlight out there. I was honestly blown away by how much I like this new technology. What’s amazing to me is that I didn’t know what I was missing. People seem to compulsively overlight everything. That light feels like exactly the right amount. It feels safe and it perfectly lights everything you actually need to see. Anyhow, please feel free to reach out again if you need any more testimonials. Your technology improved my family’s quality of life and I am grateful to you for that.

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